How To Be Better Than The Person You Were Yesterday

how-to-be-better-than-the-person-you-were-yesterdayAt an early age I was told, “Would you rather make a $70K salary working for yourself, dictating your own future, happy as hell, or make a $100K salary woking a job you hate, making the next man rich?”

That one quote really put things into perspective for me.

How you make your money is way more important than how much you make.

And chances are, if you go out in the world and build your own dream–add value to the world in your own unique way–you’ll be a lot richer. Both mentally and monetarily.

I completely respect all the nine-to-fivers out there. At the end of the day, your dinner table demands food. If you don’t grind–whether that be as a professional salesman, general contractor, masonry expert–you don’t eat! And once you grow older and start having more mouths to feed, the stakes (Ruth Chris steaks, preferably) get higher.

But if you’re not–at the minimum–pondering how you can free yourself from the traditional employee mentality, you and I probably would not get a long. Why? Because then that would mean you’re trapped by dogma – by other people’s thinking. And what’s life if you can’t think for yourself? I damn sure don’t want friends around me that I have to think for.

The next step would be to take action. Massive action.

To start, write your goals down. What’s your why? What do you expect from your goals?

Once you begin to act like success is your responsibility–that it’s your duty to yourself and to your family–there really is no failing. Ultimately failing, that is. Of course you’ll have┬áto Usain Bolt a few hurdles. We all do. The journey makes it all worth it. The struggle conditions your brain.

One of my three sisters was homeless on the streets of San Francisco for seven years. She would scurry through The Tenderloins looking for the next narcotic she could get her hands on. Opportunistic, she would trade marijuana for cocaine, and alcohol for pain pills. Fast forward to today my sister is no longer homeless. She lives in a big house in Santa Rosa, California with a beautiful son, her own business, and is in pursuit of her very own Doctoral degree. And guess what? She tells me all the time, “there is no drug on God’s Earth as addictive as SUCCESS.”

The takeaway from that short allegory is monumental The power contained in so few words blows me away. If you bake the hardships, the struggle, the progress, the tenacity, the persistence into your daily habits the results become addictive. You transcend into an addict; a success addict.

True entrepreneurs pursue what they pursue because they love the game that comes with it. They love the hustle. The ups and downs. The constant challenge. They love it all. It’s what keeps them going. But if you’re not a true entrepreneur, that’s okay too.

As long as you truly understand that nothing worth having comes easy, you’ll be ahead of 97% of the people you come across on a daily basis. And that small edge…. equates a big difference.

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