Choosing The Right Audio System For Your Home

home audio system

In this decade, a home is never complete without a good audio system. Recent advances in technology has even made it possible to play music from your iPod or phone and pump it simultaneously through each and every room in the house. It is even possible to do this through a wireless connection. A good … [Read more…]

2 Follies To Avoid With Your Home Audio System

bad audio system

I enjoy listening to either Stitcher for podcasts, or Pandora for music while doing chores around the house. I’m all about productivity hacks and the idea of getting two things done in the same amount of time needed for one, well I’m all about. Just the other day, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts on entrepreneurship, … [Read more…]

Kendrick Lamar Cries Out For Lil Wayne

kendrick lamar

Millions of fans across the world aren’t the only ones who don’t want Lil Wayne to quit the rap game. Drake, Young Thug, and Chance The Rapper posted some text on Twitter and Instagram, but one of Compton’s finest decided to go all out with a short video. Yes, that’s right, Kendrick Lamar shared his … [Read more…]

Welcome To Psiber Audio

Psiber Audio

As a small business owner, we feel for all of you tenacious, persistent and relentless entrepreneurs out there. We understand that everyone has their own passion, whether it be construction design, BMX riding, or elementary school teaching. Our passion is all things audio. From installing subwoofers in my 1995 Honda Accord to burning CDs and distributing all the hot new … [Read more…]