About Us

I’m a young kid going on 30. I like to listen to music, make music, talk about ideas, gossip about the latest happenings, and hang out with my friends. When I’m not with my friends, you can catch me working on my car, adding a new subwoofer or two to someone else’s car, installing a backup camera, or finding great┬ádeals on new technology.

I live a happy little life in Los Angeles, California and I love all the ruckus around me at all times. Unlike most people I don’t mind the traffic here. It’s actually quite therapeutic in my eyes. It serves as time away from working on my small business. I get to listen to Tim Ferris podcasts, business audiobooks, and cool music all in one sitting.

My posts can tend to be a little bit random. I usually just write and let the keyboard take me away. I think that’s what most great writers do anyways. I never really believed in having an outline. I like to surprise myself. And hopefully, I get to surprise you a bit as well.

Thanks for checking out my about page. If you would like to get in contact with me, go here.